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Special Edition January 2013

Leadership and management development tips and techniques will continue being published as Entelechy merges their two newsletters into one.

January 2013

Entelechy unveils their flagship program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential, at the Training 2013 Conference & Expo. Come visit us in Booth 613 in Orlando, FL Feb. 18-20. Want a quick preview of their new logo? Read this newsletter to get a glimpse.

Sepember 2012

Goals are important tools for managers as they provide common direction for team members, facilitating planning, and provide a strong motivator for team success. Entelechy's President uses President Kennedy's "man on the moon" speech to clearly illustrate how bold goals help us achieve the impossible. This month's newsletter describes what makes for an effective goal and how to deal with achieving those goals.

June 2012

Introducing: Unleash Your Leadership Potential - a leadership program that Entelechy has been working on since 1992, customizing the program for scores of companies and training thousands of leaders. Each time we customize the training, we learn what works — and what we could do to make the program even better. The result — we feel — represents the best leadership program in the industry.

April 2012

Feedback is to performance as a GPS is to travel. This month's newsletter is all about feedback: how to give it with CAIR, tips to providing effective feedback, and why even your star performers need to receive feedback.

December 2011

Entelechy makes clear distinctions among feedback, coaching, and difficult conversations in our training. For good reason. Used appropriately, each of these three techniques helps improve performance and engagement; used inappropriately, each of these three techniques can damage the employee-manager relationship, crush morale, and squelch performance. This issue of our newsletter describes those distinctions and when each conversation should be used.

October 2011

Entelechy's president goes on record for declaring not everyone can be a leader. Why? A MUST read to understand his logic and the critical factor that makes a leader successful. In this engaging newsletter, Entelechy also shares tips and insights from our work with Malcolm Gladwell and Marshall Goldsmith.

September 2011

Having just completed implementation of a large customized leadership program, Entelechy shares insights from this impactful program.

January 2011

What does it take to be a great leader? It takes three things. The article, What Does It Take to Be A Great Leader, describes the steps you need to take to reach that goal.


Entelechy's president writes our first-ever holiday letter reminiscing on the significant, postivite impacts our 2010 projects had on our clients. AND, he sprinkles gifts throughout for our readers. Happy New Year!

October 2010

Management, leadership, customer service, personal development, sales, and training articles from Entelechy's library - articles for your use just for the asking!

August 2010

Trouble in the Air?; Front-line Supervisors are People too!; Coaching for TD&EE: Three Solution Packages; Upcoming Presentations

May 2010

Terry takes his passion for coaching on the road...Coaching is training on the cheap! Coaching is the best way to engage people! Coaching is the best way to develop talent and performance! Coaching isn't for everyone! Coaching is a conversation!

February 2010

The need for coaching....1) an employee imperative: if you want your best employees to stay with you when the better times return, focus on employee engagement now by providing clarity around career paths and setting work that is meaningful to them, and 2) a budgeting imperative: coaching will continue to play an increasingly important role in performance management during these challenging economic times.

December 2009

Do your managers have the tools they need to lead their employees through the inevitable changes they face with the economy's recovery? Do your managers know how to encourage innovation and recognize opportunities - opportunities that could be your ticket to post-recession success? Read this month's issue for thoughts and advice on how to prepare for the economic up-turn.

November 2009

Entelechy's coaching overview is now available on YouTube!! Take our advise: Don't Try to Teach a Pig to Sing. Are you looking for a coaching program to improve performance? Entelechy has three comprehensive solutions designed to meet your organization's needs.

September 2009

Coaching Presentation at ASTD; Self-Assessment: The Coaching Key (Part 3 of 3); Coaching for TD&EE: Three Solution Packages; Work Funny

August 2009

Trust, it's Everything; Self-Assessment: The Coaching Key (Part 2 of 3); Coaching for TD&EE: Three Solution Packages; Coaching Funny

June 2009

First, a Rant about the Annual Performance Appraisal; Self-Assessment in Coaching: A Theoretical View; Coaching for TD&EE: Three Solution Packages; Coaching Funny

April 2009

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